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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Congratulations Amy and Greg

Many congratulations to Amy and Greg on their wedding day today Thursday 27th August 2009.

This is a very special day for My Kimmidoll as it is our first Kimmidoll wedding with Amy ordering a range of our small Kimmidolls for wedding favours.

The range of wedding favours included: -
Aiko - Little Loved One
Nozomi - Hope
Sachi - Joy
Yoko - Positive
Yoshi - Good Luck

Amy also scored a first as she was the first person to purchase one of our new 2009 releases in Aiko.

As you can tell from the choices Amy loves pink so what else could we offer her as a gift from us but our Large Kimmidoll Yumi - Beauty which we are sure she will look beautiful today.

Looking forward to some photos of the Kimmidolls at the wedding but we hope you both have a wonderful time on your very special day and wish you all the very best wishes for the future.

My Kimmidoll


OpenID riarainbow said...

That's a really sweet story ^^
Kimmidolls as party/wedding favours are an excellent idea!
Congratulations Amy & Greg :)
Ria xo

22 November 2009 15:28  

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