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Monday, 3 August 2009

Paul Loves Cheryl

We are writing this story as it did touch a heart string when we received the order and is just what the Kimmidoll life values are all about.

With the premission of the above husband and wife we can officially confirm that Paul loves Cheryl, a lot.

So much so that Paul noticed that Cheryl was looking at our web site and was wondering about starting a new collection. He said nothing but the following day he order two small Kimmidolls namely Emi - Smile and Chou - Butterfly, adding a note to address the Kimmidolls to his wife Cheryl as a surprise. Nothing wrong in that we though but then an hour later he ordered another two large Kimmidolls namely Aya - Colourful and Keiko - Respect.

Now two orders and surprising his wife we actually wondered what the surprise was? As you know we send out our parcels out free of charge we did wonder if sending 2nd class would meet Paul's surprise date therefore e-mailed him to confirm the surprise, maybe a birthday?

The answer he gave us was to surprise his wife and to say that he loved Cheryl very much. With that we put a note in the parcel to the effect that it was official that PAUL LOVES CHERYL.

We actually sent the parcel recorded delivery to make sure this special parcel arrived safely and when Cheryl received it she was over the moon. A fleeting suspicion of what had Paul done wrong but really loved the Kimmidolls and the note said it all - PAUL LOVES CHERYL, that's official because we know and sent it.

They are now waiting for a new cabinet for Cheryl to collect her new Kimmidolls as she has now fallen in love with them. She used to collect Russian dolls so now she has another new collection to keep her busy as the older Kimmidolls are already being retired and retiring with new Kimmidolls just being launch this July (see our previous news items). Paul is also a lover of the Eastern culture and collects designer toys like Dunny's, qee's and other vinyl toy's.

We have several great stories to bring you as part of the My Kimmidoll web site experience and hope that you will share that Kimmidoll special moment with your loved ones and if you like with us here at My Kimmidoll.

The latest addition to the web site are four great Canvas prints and we have just found out that we have two styles of Ami - Love aprons in our stock.

We wish you a Happy Collecting summer
My Kimmidoll


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