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Friday, 29 May 2009

Counterfeit Kimmidoll™

Dear Kimmidoll Collector,

Breaking news as we received the following from Kimmidoll™: -

"We have just become aware that a Chinese company is copying our "Kimmidoll™ brand" and producing some counterfeit Kimmidoll™ key chains and phone attachments. This product has now entered the Australian and French marketplaces that we are aware of. The product has been branded "Lucky Doll" and is using some of our initial designs as well as our names.

This is certainly not one of the values we at Kimmidoll™ appreciate and we are currently trying to find the source so that we are able to take necessary legal action."

So to all of our members, please be on the look out when buying your favourite Kimmidoll™ products.

Kind Regards
My Kimmidoll


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