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Friday, 29 May 2009

Retiring Kimmidolls

Dear Kimmidoll Collector,

News just in that The Kimmidoll™ family has grown too large so it's time for some to say Goodbye!

Therefore Kimmidoll™ are retiring 7 dolls from the collection and they are: -

Nanami - Wisdom, Kario - Strength, Choya - Belief,
Misaki - Tranquillity, Sakura - Clarity, Yume - Beauty and
Haruko - Growth.

This also applies to the Nanami range of goods which is already starting to reduce and the last items are in our shop now.

Although we have not been given any time span for the phasing out, Kimmidoll™ do suggest if you don't already have them in your collection be sure to purchase them before they are sold out!

"New Members of the Kimmidoll™ Family are to be Announced Soon!" When these are announced we will let you know first.

Don't forget our promotion of FREE package and postage to mainland UK for everything in the web shop. For our overseas members, the postage fee is what we pay, but for larger orders please e-mail your requirements and we will always take the time to give you a quotation.

Kind Regards
My Kimmidoll


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