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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Exam Success for pupils of England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Half a million teenagers across the country got their A-level results today and results show that more exams were passed than ever before.

We congratulate all the students on their efforts and we are sure you would also like to mark their success with our Seiko Kimmidoll. Seiko is one of our favourite Kimmidolls representing Success (see photo top right) but she has been retired for some months so it would be a great opportunity to give your loved ones a great little gift as next year she will be very hard to get hold of.

As pupils across the country receive their results, this followed the Scottish trend last month with the results once again showing that the pass rates had all risen to their highest levels with more students achieving grade As.

The results will once again be welcomed by pupils and parents but the record year will fuel fears that thousands of pupils across the country could miss out on university places, with an average of six students trying for each placement .

So why not give them hope with our small Yoshi Kimmidoll representing the true life value of Good Luck on your university placement – we all need that extra special gift to lift our spirits.

There are many other Kimmidolls with true life values to choose from, giving that extra special meaning to the words you cannot always express.

We Congratulate all students on their Success
My Kimmidoll


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