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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Fabulous new Spring Collection with Happiness, Kindness and Delight

The launch of the website on 30th March coincides with the introduction of the fabulous new Spring Collection with Happiness, Kindness and Delight, to name but three, making their entrance on to the market.

Again every kimmidoll retains its unique and individual attraction, so please take a look at the new collection in the kimmidoll shop:

Extra Large kimmidoll

  • Tomiju - Longevity

  • Yume - Dream
Large kimmidoll
  • Kioko - Happiness

  • Etsumi - Delight

  • Azumi - Kindness

  • Miyuki - Peaceful

  • Yuki - Luck

  • Michiko - Wise
Small kimmidoll
  • Emi - Smile

  • Masako - Honest

  • Toki - Opportunity

  • Komeko - Nurturing

  • Yori - Trustworthy

  • Tomo - Intelligence

Friday, 27 March 2009

Welcome to My Kimmidoll

My Kimmidoll is dedicated to being the UK's top destination for kimmidoll lovers. In this part of the website, we will keep you posted on which kimmidolls are due to become collectors editions, news, offers and other information kimmidoll fans will want to know.